The cast consists mostly of Docents who regularly work at the Fairhope History Museum greeting guests and have been seriously studying Fairhope’s history for years. Some were families who have been in Fairhope for generations and have taken an active role in Single Tax business. For some, they had portrayed these characters for four years and have perfected their costumes and lines. Weeks before the play the docents would be “in character” debating loudly around the museum the merits of the single tax to the entertainment of our museum guest.



From left, standing:

Donnie Barrett – John Hunnell – Director of the Fairhope Museum wrote the play and played the part of Mr. Hunnell because the actor assigned the part was not there.

Parker Grey – Clement Coleman – is from a long time Fairhope family with deep roots in Fairhope. Parker studied Mr. Coleman thoroughly, owns items which belonged to Mr. Coleman and actually sleeps in Mr. Coleman’s original bed!

Jerry Fortis – Ernest B. Gaston – moved to Fairhope twenty years ago from New York where he owned a large advertising agency. He is a docent at the Museum and studies Fairhope’s history intently.

Paul Czajka – Arthur Mershon – played this role for two years and knew Mr. Mershon’s story very well. Paul came to Fairhope just a few short years ago after a career with Lockheed as a rocket communications engineer.

Wayne Brunson – Shuah S. Mann – from Grove Hill plays the part of Mr. Mann who actually helped to pick the Fairhope site. Mr. Mann is not buried there so Wayne’s character just walks up the road after giving his part.

Jim Sapser – George Knowles – is a Mardi gras designer who lives in Daphne and has portrayed Mr. Knowles for two years. Jim wears a Yankee uniform which reflects the fact that Mr. Knowles fought for the Union Army during the Civil War.

Louie Blaze – Harris Greeno – takes his part seriously. He has become a Greeno expert and when it comes to the argument with Mr. Gaston, Louie lets his dissatisfaction with this new colony be known!

Bob Glennon – Dr. Clarence Mershon – produces the newsletter for the Friends of the Fairhope Museum. He is currently the president of the Baldwin Co. Historic Development Commission.

Dr. Ralph Thayer – James Bellangee – helped rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Ralph has played this role for four years. Everyone had a great time watching him struggle with his beard.

David Tyrone – Joseph Keller – has played Jefferson Davis at Civil War parades and ceremonies and happen to be in the audience when the actor that was to play Mr. Keller could not attend.

Gary Zeller – George Bancroft – was a business owner in Fairhope but now has retired to Bradenton, FL., and does consulting work.

Ron G. Barrett – Alphonso Swift – is a Fairhope native and Donnie’s twin brother. Ron took this part to heart and told Mr. Gaston “I will be a pain in your butt!” when he established the infamous “Swift Track.”

Abby Dunlap – Marie Howland – is from Birmingham where her family and her career was in the brick business. She plays the freewheeling Marie like she really means it.

Brent Uhlig – Capt. Joseph Lawrence – worked as a docent at the Museum until his work pulled him away to the West Coast and Hawaii. He has now moved to Illinois.

Larry Dotson – Dr. Floyd Moore – works as a docent at the museum and portrayed Dr. Moore for two years. During his first performance, he tripped over a grave stone, rolled head over heels and landed on his feet. He was then known as the “rolling Doctor!”

Graham Timbes – John Franklin Johnson – is a professional actor that has appeared in many movies and TV commercials. He portrayed Mr. Johnson twice.

From left, sitting:

Maggie Mosteller Timbes – Marietta Johnson – is the director of the Marietta Johnson Museum. She lives and breathes the virtues of “Miss Mettie.”

Fran Morley – Lydia Comings – is a freelance writer and organizer of the Annual Alabama Costal Bird Festival. She has studied Mrs. Comings intently and has done several programs on her in character.

Dr. Jacque Johnson – Dr. Clara Atkinson, MD – works at the Museum as a docent and has played this role four times. She lets you know her calling Fairhope only a “fair hope” was not exactly a happy idea.

Rosanne Gulisano – Delia Bancroft – is from Chicago and is a Museum docent, a published book author and professional ghost writer.
Catherine King – Clara Gaston – is a museum docent who has played this role for four years and has studied the life and times of Mrs. Gaston in detail. She has embellished her part with lines such as “You cooperative individualistic cutie!”

Not pictured:

Lawrence O’Bryant – William Frederick Eernisse – is a Navy reservist who works on the USS Alabama Battleship and volunteered to portray the Fairhope native who was killed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Jim Bates – Henry George – provided us with the booming voice of Henry George at the beginning. As Mr. George never came to Fairhope he is not seen but his voice alone depicts the influence he had on the new colony. Jim also plays taps on his trumpet at the end of the movie. Jim is the Assistant Director of the Fairhope Museum of History.