2222The cast of Fairhope Founder’s Day gathered after their performance in 2015.

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homeThe film, Fairhope Founders Day, takes place in 1904 and features 24 of Fairhope’s early leading luminaries and founders, in costume, all standing near their graves and sharing with the audience the trials, tribulations and successes of Fairhope’s first ten years in existence.

Funny, poignant, heartfelt, sometimes combative and always entertaining, this play gives the viewer an idea of what it was like in the late 1800’s to found a new city based on the principle of no personal land ownership, an experiment that has continue to present day.

Most of the cast are Fairhope residents who have studied their characters and added to their lines. When it came time for our “Round Up Day Play” they stood by the grave of the person they were portraying and shared how that person contributed to the founding and growth (or not) of Fairhope ten years after its founding.